(to move, roll or turn (in a complete circle) around a central point, axis etc: A wheel revolves on its axle; This disc can be revolved; The Moon revolves (a)round the Earth; The Earth revolves about the Sun and also revolves on its axis.) (hacer) girar
- revolving
revolve vb girar
the Moon revolves around the Earth la Luna gira alrededor de la Tierra
El gerundio de revolve se escribe revolving
intransitive verb
1 girar
the Earth revolves around the Sun la Tierra gira alrededor del Sol
her whole life revolves around her family su vida entera gira en torno a su familia
transitive verb
1 hacer girar
revolve [ri'vɑlv] v, -volved ; -volving vt
rotate: hacer girar
revolve vi
1) rotate: girar
to revolve around: girar alrededor de
to revolve in one's mind : darle vueltas en la cabeza a alguien
dar vueltas v.
hacer girar v.
revolver v.
revolverse v.
rotar v.
voltear v.
rɪ'vɑːlv, rɪ'vɒlv
intransitive verb
a) (rotate) girar

to revolve AROUND something — girar alrededor de or en torno a algo

the world doesn't revolve around you, you know — no te creas que eres el centro del mundo

b) revolving pres p <chair/door> giratorio
VT girar, hacer girar; (fig) (in the mind) dar vueltas a, meditar
VI girar, dar vueltas; (Astron) revolverse

to revolve around — (lit) girar alrededor de; (fig) girar en torno a

everything revolves round him — todo gira en torno a él

the discussion revolved around three topics — el debate se centró en tres temas

* * *
[rɪ'vɑːlv, rɪ'vɒlv]
intransitive verb
a) (rotate) girar

to revolve AROUND something — girar alrededor de or en torno a algo

the world doesn't revolve around you, you know — no te creas que eres el centro del mundo

b) revolving pres p <chair/door> giratorio

English-spanish dictionary. 2013.

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